Healing From the Inside Out

We seek help for many reasons.

Sometimes we are wounded.
Sometimes we are hiding.
Sometimes we are in a place of weakness or vulnerability.

Whatever help you seek

You can find the gift inside your wounds.
You can coax your beauty out of hiding.
You can know your strength and power.

You Are Perfect!

You are absolutely AMAZING! Inside your bones, tissues and nerves you hold a vast treasure of wisdom. With this wisdom, you can heal yourself from the inside out. Your body informs your brain about your world. And, your brilliant brain tells your body how to work in that world. When you get your BODY and your MIND to talk to each other,  your SPIRIT can soar! When your SPIRIT soars, your HEART can heal.

 TeriLeigh Wellness Education
Heal Your Body-Mind-Spirit From the Inside Out


Posture & Mechanics

Do you have a physical ache, pain, owie, or boo-boo that never quite heals? Learn to avoid causing further damage and help your body heal itself with posture and mechanics training.

Mindfulness & Intention

Do you have stinkin’ thinkin’, monkey mind, or brain fog? Learn to attach mindfulness to body movement to push happy hormones into your entire body.

Chakras & Energetics

Do you feel stuck, blocked, energy drained or motivation clogged? Learn the state of your chakras and practical exercises. Attune, calibrate, and balance them yourself.


Traumas & Tragedies

Do you have traumas and tragedies in your past that haunt you? Learn to reframe your challenges into lessons and transform traumas into triumph with simple spiritual prescriptions.

Yoga & Meditation

Do you have challenges with specific yoga postures or movements? Learn to find comfort and ease in every single pose.

Mindful Eating

Are you an emotional eater? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Learn to love your food so it nourishes and nurtures you both physically and emotionally.

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Our Mission

Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within.

We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory.

We don’t heal you. We teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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Healing from the Inside Out