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TeriLeigh & Sandy's writings about yoga, shamanism, energetics, and healing.

10 Sun Bs

Several years ago, one of my favorite teachers, Elizabeth Huntsman, suggested I try doing 10 Sun Salutation Bs, all on one breath movements, without any holding of poses or rests in down dog. She described it as a kick-ass workout. And she was right. I tried it back then, and it did KICK MY ASS! … Read more ›

Yoga & Mirrors

Mirror that shattered onto woman in Portland yoga class spurs $455,000 lawsuit

This image is the result of a tragic incident that occurred at a Portland OR CorePower Yoga studio. (read full story here) 27-year-old Lindsey Eltinge was in savasana when the mirror fell off the wall and shattered on top of her. Her … Read more ›

Spring Fever

As I was trying to sweep out the garage today, I could hear a chorus of birds outside. You know the sound—it’s like they’re excited about something. I paused a moment to enjoy their party. It was absolutely contagious. I couldn’t help but feel the building excitement within myself as well. I’m still smiling … Read more ›

Good vibrations

Experiment with shifting your vibration with a vibration breath exercise. Imagine how you would breathe if you were confident and calm. Practice breathing this way for a few minutes noting the subtle shifts in your energy body. Now imagine how you’d breathe if you were bursting with absolute joy and excitement! Practice breathing that way … Read more ›

Alignment from within

Drishti is Sanskrit for a focused gaze. There is a gazing point for each pose in Hatha Yoga and it is used as a means for developing concentrated intention. This single-focused gaze is part of the eight-limbs of yoga: pratyahara, the fifth limb, which relates to sense withdrawal; and dharana, the sixth limb, relating to … Read more ›

Faerie Giggles

It’s January 31st. Christmas is long gone and your houses are back to normal (mostly) and if not, I’m sure you’re working on it—right?

Taking the decorations down is always a whole lot less fun than putting them up. Don’t you agree? The anticipation and magical excitement isn’t permeating within each piece when … Read more ›

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