Where Is Our Business?

I am a traveling nomad, a wandering gypsy, a transient trooper. Whenever people ask me, “where do you live?” I answer by saying “I live in my body.” That reply always invokes a chuckle, but I believe my statement has depth that represents my character and the flavor of my teaching. Wherever my heart beats is where home is, that day. I can make myself at home in a coffee shop in New Mexico, poolside in central Florida, on a Colorado mountain hike, or with my journal lakeside in the Midwest.

Mailing Address

315 Magnolia Ave E
St. Paul MN 55130
United States

tel: (651)357/4658


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Our Mission

Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within.

We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory.

We don’t heal you. We teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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Healing from the Inside Out