Muchness Mentorship

My skill as a coach is finding the gifts inside your wounds, holding a mirror to your beauty, and reminding you of the strength and power you own and have RIGHT NOW. I coax your MUCHNESS out of hiding.

I am NOT a therapist. So, I will not go trauma trudging through childhood chaos.

I am NOT a life coach. So, I will not cheerlead you through goals and dreams.

Instead, I help you to honor, value, and appreciate every single part of yourself as the muchness ‘mazingness that you are.  I dig into the cracks and crevices and look under the rocks and leaves to find your muchness and share it with the world.

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Posture & Mechanics

The Healthy Posture Series

Mindfulness & Intention

The MOZI Method Series

  • Focused Breathing for Clarity
  • Stand in Your Ground for Stability
  • Go With the Flow for Flexibility
  • Access Your Strength for Power
  • Relate to Others for Connection
  • Speak Your Mind for Expression

Chakras & Energetics

The Goldilocks Chakra Series

  • Root Chakra for Support
  • Sacral Chakra for Flexibility
  • Core Chakra for Strength
  • Heart Chakra for Openness
  • Throat Chakra for Communication
  • Crown & Third Eye Chakras for Clarity


Traumas & Tragedies

The Gift Inside the Wound Series

  • Energy & Clarity
  • Safety & Security
  • Flexibility & Freedom
  • Strength & Power
  • Openness & Connection
  • Expression & Communication

Yoga & Meditation

The Yoga Down the Rabbit Hole Series

  • Yoga Breathing
  • Grounding Poses
  • Flowing Poses
  • Strengthening Poses
  • Balance Poses
  • Floor Poses

Mindful Eating

Sukha’s Way to Mindful Eating

  • Breathing with Your Food
  • Sitting with Your Food
  • Plating Your Food
  • Giving Your Food Purpose
  • Enjoying Your Food
  • Receiving Nourishment from Your Food


*NOTE – some clients require more than six-sessions to receive desired results.


Each session follows this simple process.

Step 1:  Storytime
You tell me why you scheduled the appointment and how things have progressed since our last meeting.

Step 2: Lesson
I simplify your story into lessons you are learning.

Step 3: Homework
I give you simple exercises to practice and/or homework to complete before we meet again.

Step 4: Take-Away
Together, we summarize the big AHA lesson of the day.

Step 5:  Action Plan
We determine the best course of action for possible future sessions and follow-up.


30 minute sessions
$75 Single Session
$300 6-pack ($50 each)

60 minute sessions
$150 Single Session
$600 6-pack ($100 each)

Discounts Available for 

  • Teachers & Military Veterans
  • Clients who complete a 6-session series
  • New Clients who attended a TeriLeigh class


  • All consultations take place over telephone or FaceTime, unless otherwise arranged.
  • I will call you at the phone number you provide at the time scheduled.
  • Payment is due at the time of booking.
  • 24 Hours notice of cancellation is required.
  • Any no-shows and late cancellations will be charged.
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I went through some major life changes in a very short time- which left me feeling like my legs were swept out from under me. Coaching with TeriLeigh helped me put all the colors back into my life.Traci
“I hadn’t realized that I had built an impenetrable wall around my heart. The combination of Body-Mind-Spirit came together to expose a most welcome acceptance of vulnerability. TeriLeigh made me ready to share my heart.”Nola
I spent several years with progressively increasing neck pain and realized one day that my head was always down.  TeriLeigh has a gift for explaining things verbally and kinesthetically in ways that enhance learning.  There were many ‘aha’ moments during the coaching – my favorite was when I finally felt what it meant to ‘open my chest’.   The neck pain is only a memory, my range of motion has increased, and better posture is now a habit.  Gary
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Our Mission

Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within. We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory. We don't heal you, instead, we teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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