My Clients are My Greatest Teachers

At 58 years years old, Dennis walked into my class. He had worked as head baker for Pillsbury for over 30 years, but was laid off when General Mills took over and let go of all employees who didn’t have a high school diploma. His severe learning disabilities had prevented him from having the necessary piece of paper to keep his job.

My job wasn’t just to academically prepare Dennis to pass a series of adult literacy tests. I needed to remind him that he had life skills of human connection and resiliency to make a difference in the life of every single human being he met. His discipline and determination, his compassion and care for me and his fellow classmates certainly impacted my life dramatically.

Dennis looked up at me, eyes red and cheeks wet, and pushed his last GED writing practice test across the desk. The first words of his essay read ‘We are all teachers, whether we know it or not, by the way we act and how we live.’ It went on to detail stories of several people in his life who had served as the greatest teachers in his fifty-eight years. When I finished reading and marked the top of the page with a huge letter A, my own eyes were red and cheeks were wet.

After his graduation ceremony, where he gave an inspirational speech, a double rainbow cascaded across the sky. Dennis is now well into his 70s, and he calls me every holiday and invites me to his birthday parties every year.

My hope and dream is that I can have the kind of impact on my students and clients as Dennis had on me.

 Case Studies

TeriLeigh has worked taught holistic wellness and stress management to students and clients with a wide variety of circumstances and conditions. Success stories include individuals dealing with:  injury & accidents, restless leg syndrome, post traumatic stress, gulf war syndrome, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, getting off anti-depressants, divorce, grief & loss, repetitive stress, chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, eating disorders, hospice care, breast cancer survivors. . . just to name a few.

Posture & Mechanics

“As a result of motorcycle accident in 2013, I experienced motor nerve and some tendon damage in my right lower leg, needing an orthotic to walk. My balance and stability was severely challenged. I tried massage, physical therapy, acupuncture and even energy healing. With The Healthy Posture Series training I felt better within just four days. Even when brace is off. Now I am walking more straight and solid without the brace. My balance and stability has improved almost 70%.”  ~Catherine

Mindfulness & Intention

“Working in a very high stress desk job, I was living too much in my head. I was struggling with clumsiness and absentmindedness so severe that I was bonking my head and limbs. I also suffered neck pain from obviously bad posture. Through TeriLeigh’s posture training, I discovered that grounding is what I needed. I become more mindful. While when stress at work increases now, I am able to zone better and get things done without anxiety. I haven’t needed to go to the chiropractor, and my klutziness is gone.”  ~Jim

Chakras & Energetics

“I turned to TeriLeigh hoping to gain balance and calm. During some major life changes, I felt like my legs were swept out from under me. I felt like I was alone and flailing in a world of chaos. TeriLeigh taught me how to balance my chakras, one at a time, slowly building each week. By making small additions to my daily routine I experienced a positive change in my attitude and spirit. I’m feeling better than I did before the chaos began. I’m finding my voice and inner strength. I love TeriLeigh. She’s helping me put all the colors back into my life! I cannot express enough gratitude and thanks for her genius!” ~Traci

Traumas & Tragedies

“I spent two-thirds of my life tip-toeing around my wife’s mood swings and irrational explosions. She lived with an untreated mental illness, and I enabled it for over forty years. I became very good at focusing on the little details that really didn’t matter in the big scheme of things. Consulting through the divorce process with TeriLeigh showed me the valuable lessons I had learned from my wife. I realized that taking care of my wife’s needs meant that I became exceptionally gifted at developing and maintaining relationships outside my marriage. TeriLeigh helped me navigate the messy divorce process and find myself and my peace along the journey.” ~Rich

Yoga & Meditation

“TeriLeigh has the ability to integrate the whole Mind/Body/Spirit Concept of yoga into every single class. It doesn’t matter if I am hurting physically or emotionally, when I practice with her, she activates my Spirit using breath to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I ALWAYS leave a Teri Leigh class having learning something new about my Own Self, and feeling a little more Alive. TeriLeigh has taught me to pay attention to my body, get my mind and body talking to each other as a means of really feeling the spirit within me.” ~Tarah

Mindful Eating

“I’ve lived my whole life with the stigma of being ‘the fat one’ and had the low-self-esteem issues to match. TeriLeigh helped me recognize that my addiction to sweets was a craving of ‘sweetness’ in my life. She helped me put aside fad diets and weight loss programs which never work anyway. Instead, she taught me to focus on how I treat my food. By breathing and practicing simple mindful eating exercises, I learned to respect my food and pay attention to how my body receives it. I am making wiser food choices, and I enjoy my meals more. Instead of eating guilt and frustration with every meal, I am eating happiness and nourishment. I feel more comfortable in my body and more loving towards myself than I ever have in my life.”  ~Becky

Corporate Clients

TeriLeigh has been teaching nationwide since 2008. She has presented and taught at schools, small businesses, wellness centers, non-profit organizations, churches, yoga studios, and more. Below is a select listing of some of the clients who have enjoyed TeriLeigh’s workshops, presentations, classes, and trainings.



Kula Yoga on Main Carbondale CO
Revolution Power Yoga Avon CO


Bala Vinyasa Yoga Naples FL
Downtown Yoga Melbourne Melbourne FL
Fish Tree Yoga Pensacola FL
One Yoga & Fitness Clermont FL
Orlando Power Yoga Orlando FL
Yoga Loft Tampa Tampa FL


Aurora School District Aurora IL
Sense of Samadhi Yorkville IL


True North Yoga Paducah KY


Augustana Lutheran Church St. Paul MN
Big River Yoga St. Paul MN
Center for Harmonious Living Minnetonka MN
CorePower Yoga Edina MN
DTN The Progressive Farmer Burnsville MN
Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center Lakeville MN
Lakeville Public Schools Lakeville MN
Mankato State University, Crossroads Campus Ministry Mankato MN
Pure Yoga Stillwater MN
River Market Coop Stillwater MN
State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Justice Programs St. Paul MN
Unity South Church Bloomington MN
Washington Tech High School Leadership Program St. Paul MN


Helena Eye Clinic Helena MT
Wells Fargo Billings MT

South Dakota

Santosha Hot Yoga Sioux Falls SD
Solace Experience Rapid City SD


Inspiring Actions Yoga & Wellness Center Hudson WI
Menomonie Public School District Menomonie WI
Summerland Spirit Festival Turtle Creek WI
Treetop Yoga Sussex WI
Yoga Journey Somerset WI
YogAsylum Brookfield WI


I went through some major life changes in a very short time- which left me feeling like my legs were swept out from under me. Coaching with TeriLeigh helped me put all the colors back into my life.Traci
I hadn’t realized that I had built an impenetrable wall around my heart. The combination of Body-Mind-Spirit came together to expose a most welcome acceptance of vulnerability. TeriLeigh made me ready to share my heart.Nola
I volunteer with a local meditation group, and we hosted a meditation bike ride during Bike-a-palooza. At the beginning the group discussed how to bike meditatively and relax, being mindful of the road, and other cars and bikers. As we started biking I used the techniques I learned from TeriLeigh to be conscious of my body alignment, letting go of tension, and relaxing my breathing.  I found that even through I was riding with yoga and meditation teachers, I was one of the more relaxed peddlers and thoroughly enjoyed the bike ride. Using consciousness of my hip, spine and shoulder alignment helps my posture in my day job, which requires me to sit in front of computer for 8 hours a day. I have noticed a lessened neck, arm, and shoulder strain. Josh
I am connected to my body and mind more clearly.  Giving my body and mind a clear and open channel to find my Muchness.  I have much practice to do but am on my way to a healthier, happier, understanding of mind, body and spirit. Thank you TeriLeigh for teaching this approach.  I for one am happy to have met you and thankful to have learned the MOZI Method. I hope to learn so much more about my Muchness!!! Cindy
I was at the grocery store today and one of the workers came up to me and commented on how she loved my coat.  I accepted the compliment with a thank you, noticing that I met her eyes which is something I don’t often do.  That sparked a longer conversation. The last thing she said was that I look absolutely beautiful. I felt as though she were talking about much more than my choice of clothes.  It was wonderful and startling to have someone compliment me like that.  Shopping more in each store, I met more people in the eye and got smiles from many.   I never would have experienced these MUCHNESS moments without TeriLeigh’s teachings. Angelique


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Our Mission

Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within.

We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory.

We don’t heal you. We teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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