Finding the Goldilocks Just Right

The Goldilocks Principle is the concept of JUST RIGHT. Your chakras need to be practiced and exercised, like muscles, to be able to adapt and calibrate themselves into just right, right now. These posts give hints to find the middle between too much and not enough into just right. It’s only fair to share…


8.20.17 Yoga Practice Podcast – Spiritual Warriors & the Eclipse

This Spiritual Warriors & The Eclipse Practice prepares yogis for the intense spiritual and biological effects of the eclipse. As yogis, we are spiritual warriors, agents for change, and individuals focused on making the world a better place for all. When an astrological event like today’s solar eclipse happens, our senses are heightened, and we

07.19.17 Restorative Chakras – in memory of Alex Kruse

This Restorative Practice opens each of the chakras softly and gently through restorative postures while calling in ancestors to help your remember your True Self. In Memory of Alex Kruse On 7.18.17 my dear friend, a fellow yogi, left his body and joined my celestial team as an angel in my world. He died of

Let’s Make-Believe to Real

Everything We Can Imagine is REAL Do you believe in other worldly creatures? Perhaps everything we imagine is actually true in some other worldly plane. Maybe genies are just waiting for us to express our hearts desire so they can grant us three wishes. Perhaps carries are fluttering about us sprinkling their dust on our

To Have Loved and Lost

I hold it true, whate’er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; ‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson Heal a Broken Heart from the Inside I’ve been to Hawai’I six times in my life. Each time I went, asking Maui to heal my


My Happy Place I have many happy places in the world, and many happy things I do in these happy places. Bathing in a secluded waterfall on Maui is at the top of the list. My Maui brother told me once that Pele, the goddess of Hawai’i puts her inhabitants through a rigorous initiation. He

Hug a Tree

If you Get Lost – Hug a Tree The first time I heard about the concept of hugging a tree was when I was a little kid. I was told that if I got lost, I should hug a tree. In other words, STAY PUT. Hugging a tree meant staying in one place and letting

House of the Sun

Haleakala – House of the Sun The volcanic crater on Maui, Haleakala, means“House of the Sun.” The sun god, La, liked to sleep in. On lazy mornings, La shortened the days so much that Maui’s mother, Hina, couldn’t finish her days work. So, Maui, the demigod who gave his name to the island, waited for

Depth of Emotion

Depth of Emotion The waters of the ocean are symbolic of emotional depth. The deeper the sea, the deeper the emotions. On the surface of the sea, everyday feelings that slosh around and float away on the tides of natural course of a day or week. These emotions are common and familiar. We face them


Being an Empath This last weekend, I taught a Chakra Certification course at Sense of Samadhi in Yorkville IL. One particular student in the class, as happens with many of my clients, was experiencing the effects of being an EMPATH. We all know that feeling, empathy, of being close to someone and feeling their emotions

Automatic Unconscious Response

Letting Go of Something I Held Tight “I fucking hate you!!!” Ted pushed me over a chair onto the floor. Those words stabbed me over and over again. The giant icicles penetrated deep beneath my rib cage, deflated my lungs and punctured my heart over and over again. The chill froze me from the marrow of my

The Healing Powers of Rose Quartz

The Heart Chakra – Can Never Be Broken Several people very dear to me have heartaches right now. And not just little ones. BIG ASS BROKEN SHARD CHASM HEARTACHES. I’ve written before that the heart is completely unable to be broken. The heart chakra literally means “that which cannot be broken.” However, it can sure feel deeply

How Energy Healing Works

I Healed My Broken Toe Almost Instantly! I healed my broken toe through energy healing. A few months ago I broke my toe while moving landscaping rocks, barefoot. Mind you, I have broken toes before. I am no stranger to the painful sensation. I am also exceptionally body aware, and keenly observant of energy and sensations.

Master Mind

Business Networking Solutions I have heard of, and been invited to join various Master Mind™ Business networking groups. I even attended some of these meetings. They are business coaching and mentorship programs based on Napoleon Hill’s work about business success and his first book Think and Grow Rich. While they are exceptional resources for business

Open the Hand Chakras

Close Your Hands into Fists When I was about eight years old, my older brother challenged me to a game. “Close your hands into fists. Hold them as tight as you can and count to fifty.” Because I always wanted my brother to like me, I complied. He prodded me to keep them closed and

Our Mission

Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within.

We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory.

We don’t heal you. We teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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