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What you focus on you create. Where intention goes, energy flows.Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. These posts reveal the power of positive thinking, the magic of mindfulness, and the awesomeness of affirmation. It’s only fair to share…

Letting Go of Clutter

Tiny Living Today, as I pack to move, in letting go of the clutter of my past, and prepare for “tiny living”, I get to open my arms to wide and become available to the opportunity to LIVE LARGE. After the sudden break-up of my romantic live-in relationship two weeks ago, two friends offered me


Being an Empath This last weekend, I taught a Chakra Certification course at Sense of Samadhi in Yorkville IL. One particular student in the class, as happens with many of my clients, was experiencing the effects of being an EMPATH. We all know that feeling, empathy, of being close to someone and feeling their emotions

Emotional Baggage

Letting Go of Clutter I’m in the process now, as I get ready to move my stuff out of my ex-boyfriend’s house.  I am figuring out what is mine and what is his, both stuff and emotional baggage. As I’m contemplating the concept of “tiny living” by moving into the fairy cottage indefinitely, I am

The Power of Word is the Secret to Mind Control

The Curse The power of word is most evident in the use of the F-word. While I’d heard the F-word escape Ted’s lips many times in our eleven years, he never pointed it directly at me. On the other hand, I was no stranger to feeling it aimed at me. As a high school teacher

How to Use Breath to Be Mindful – NOW

Mindfulness in Silence Yesterday, my boyfriend took the day off work. Which meant he slept in while I got up early to start my normal work day. As he works 6am-2pm five days a week, and is usually up by 5am, sleeping in is a rare treasure in his world. He had worked ten hours

Brain Fog

My Brain is Foggy Yesterday, I was in the Phoenix airport, sitting on the floor waiting at the gate to board the plane. A hipster young man camped next to me with his five-year-old daughter. Dad read a book while daughter entertained herself by grabbing the attention of anyone who would listen. She wore a

Yes, Thank You

Receiving Compliments I received several compliments yesterday. Every one of them was rather significant. At the same time, every one of them was rather simple. A client complimented me on my skill in helping her stay accountable to her commitments to herself. I never take credit for a client’s progress because I believe that my

Just for 10 Minutes

Tiny Moments Matter I often work in coffee shops. The other day, I snuggled into the corner of one in St. Paul, at a table behind a group of four retired seniors. While I plucked my computer keys and nibbled at a scone, these four individuals shared stories and conversation about life over empty plates

Words Create Change

STORY Words are Things Maya Angelou wrote in her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings about how she became mute as a child. At the age of seven, she stopped speaking for much of her childhood because she believed her words killed a man. The man, her mother’s boyfriend, raped Maya when she

Change of Mind

STORY – Cold Water Rushing Yesterday, Bob and I took Sukha for a walk in the woods along a river. We stopped under a willow tree on the shore and enjoyed the falling leaves and the sound of the water. After about twenty minutes, Bob suggested we get our feet wet. Being November, the water

Unicorn Horn

STORY – Unicorn Horn  Last night was Halloween. Tribes of children dressed in costumes trampled my doorstep, buckets and bags open, waiting for candy. My favorite costume this year was a little girl, three or four years old, in a rainbow unicorn costume. Clearly, someone had taken some time to design this piece of art,

Big Brains

  “You have VERY BIG BRAINS!” Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been told I think too much. The 76-year-old palm reader traced my headline on my left hand with her fingernail and said it again, “VERY BIG BRAINS!” She asked if schooling came easy to me, and I told her that my

What My Mother Taught Me #2 – Always Answer

As a kid, “family meetings” always took place around the kitchen table, usually after dinner, and almost always involved some really serious topic we had to discuss. The odd things about childhood is that the memories that stick and those that get lost are seemingly random. I cannot remember the topics of any one of

What My Mother Taught Me #1 – I Already Know

It was 1995. I was a college senior, two months away from graduating a semester early with a triple major…Creative Writing, Literary Studies, and Education. In sixty days, I would have a teaching license, a passion for reading and writing, and a head-start on my graduating class in getting out in the “real world.”  Or…I

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