Listen to Your Body When It Whispers

Then, you will never have to hear it scream. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to do something different in your life. Enter a body part, injury, illness, or other ailment in the search box to the right to see what your body might be trying to say.   It’s only fair to share…

Tread Carefully

I broke my toe….AGAIN! Enough already! This is the fourth time I’ve broken a toe in my life, and the second time in the last few months (read about that incident here). It was a different toe than last time, so I can’t even write this off as a re-injury. I had just arrived in

Water Washes Away Grief

The Asthma of Grief & Loss When I spend any significant amount of time in the presence of a cat, my lungs reject the air. I cough, and hack and wheeze. Past experience has established a pattern of on-going chronic bronchitis for several weeks, or even months, after cat exposure. After being around a cat,


Being an Empath This last weekend, I taught a Chakra Certification course at Sense of Samadhi in Yorkville IL. One particular student in the class, as happens with many of my clients, was experiencing the effects of being an EMPATH. We all know that feeling, empathy, of being close to someone and feeling their emotions

Remember How to Fly

Make-Believe is Real I believe in the world of make-believe. I do. Mythical creatures like faeries, trolls, unicorns, and dragons are VERY REAL. I also believe in angels. They live among us, invisible to the human eye, but very apparent to the third eye. Why do we call it “make-believe?” Because we make it and then we

How To Let Go of Control

Some things are completely out of our control In order to learn how to let go of control, you need to loosen your grip, both in the muscles of your hands and wrists and on your ideas and concepts of things in your life. Especially those things that are completely out of our control. The decisions

Don’t Hold Your Tongue

I Locked My Jaw When I was a little kid, I held my tongue. A LOT. I was the kid who almost always knew the answer in class, and NEVER raised my hand. I was the one who watched the other kids do naughty things, and I didn’t tell the teacher. When I did speak

Kiss It Make It Better – Oxytocin

A Kiss (Oxytocin) Really Does Make It Better Mom knew it when she kissed your boo-boos better. Love Heals. I’ve been spending a lot of time cuddling my dog lately. As many of you know, Sukha picked up a bacterial infection on her recent vacation to a Wisconsin farm, and it meant she had to be

How a Broken Toe Told Me to Slow Down and Do Less

I Broke My Pinky Toe…Again The first time was almost twenty years ago. I went to the emergency room, after I passed out from the pain, and passed out again when I saw my toe pointing in the wrong direction. That time, I knew it was broken. The ER doc was a nice enough man,


I remember vividly a particular head cold I had when I was in junior high. It was the kind of cold where I could feel a mass of mucus behind my nose. The pressure of the sinus congestion lived under my eyes. While my nostrils were clear, I couldn’t cough up the phlegm or blow

Open Your Hands

Trick or Treat One year on Halloween, an adorable toddler dressed in an elaborate homemade dinosaur costume waddled up the two steps to my front door. He took a good two minutes to get up the steps because both his hands were clutching fistfuls of candy. He didn’t say “trick or treat,” or anything for

Index Finger

Index Finger Injury On Saturday I tried out this chair that had a storage compartment under the seat. Except, I didn’t know that the seat lifted up, so when I grabbed the seat to scoot myself under a table, the seat lifted, but the chair didn’t. Then, the seat, and all my weight, landed right on

Knuckle Down

STORY – Knuckle Down  Last week, I grazed my right ring finger knuckle on the inside door of the oven while retrieving the roasted vegetables for dinner. A few days later, I scraped my right middle finger knuckle on the latch of the medicine cabinet. Last night, I tore a chunk of skin off my

Pinky Toe

Pinky Toe I once broke my pinky toe. In retrospect, it was one of the most traumatic and transformative experiences of my life.   I was a high school English teacher at the time, and I had been spending the day grading papers. After hours for marking grammatical errors and writing comments in the margins

Sometimes, Pain is Good

In the last few weeks, my shoulder has been talking to me. A LOT. Every time I turn my neck to the right, I feel a tug and twinge pull from behind my ear down to my shoulder. The worst of the pain lives underneath my shoulder blade. The pain is right where my angel

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Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within. We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory. We don't heal you, instead, we teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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