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Fight or Flight – When an Escape Becomes an Adventure

 When an Escape Becomes an Adventure While on our evacuee escape Irma road trip, my 14 year old companion asked me what my super secret super hero power is. She mentioned that she has this skill of playing complete songs in her head from start to finish without a radio or streaming music player. I

Fight or Flight – Escaping Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma:  Fight or Flight?   One week ago today, the news warned of the power and potency of Hurricane Irma, named after a German War Goddess. I was in Indian Harbour Beach FL, a coastal barrier island near Melbourne FL. As Hurricane Irma marched through the Caribbean, I faced the ultimate decision: Fight or

The Eclipse – Why I Don’t Intend to Look

How today’s eclipse impacts your mind, body and spirit. A scientific and spiritual explanation of the moon blocking the sun.   Eclipse Fever I’ve been wondering why I am not catching the eclipse fever. I haven’t purchased my own eclipse glasses. I didn’t make my own pinhole viewing box like I did in grade school

Lazy Gut vs. Leaky Gut and How Stress Causes Belly Fat

This post offers a different perspective on the concept of gluten-free, and a bigger holistic view of healing digestive issues. Disclaimer: This is going to be one of my more irreverent and controversial posts. I’m not gonna hold back, and I’m gonna come off as snotty and annoyed. If you don’t want to be offended

Sometimes When We Are Stuck a Change in Perspective Changes Everything

Sometimes When We’re Stuck, It’s Because of Something Inside Ourselves This Calle Lily wants to bloom, but caught itself on its own leaf. This is how I feel sometimes when I realize what’s been keeping me stuck, it’s usually something in myself that I can’t see beyond. I took a moment, and it only took

Let’s Make-Believe to Real

Everything We Can Imagine is REAL Do you believe in other worldly creatures? Perhaps everything we imagine is actually true in some other worldly plane. Maybe genies are just waiting for us to express our hearts desire so they can grant us three wishes. Perhaps carries are fluttering about us sprinkling their dust on our

Dream Chasing Ain’t for Sissies

The Moment Between Sleep and Awake That moment, right before you’re fully awake when you realize your dream is a dream, and you remember all the details of what just happened… It’s the moment of truth, honest purity, deep reality. When you wake up, you want to dive back in, live out the last pieces

You Are the Energy You Eat

If you are happy and joyful and peaceful as you eat, you are nourishing yourself with happy, joyful, peaceful energy. Rather than focusing on WHAT you eat, pay attention to HOW you eat. These posts include TeriLeigh’s favorite recipes as well as hints and tips to make any meal energetically nurturing. It’s only fair to

Healing the Heart

When a wound heals, the scar tissue the remains is stronger. Inside every wound is a precious gem of a gift, you only need wash and nurture the wound to full healing. In the search box to the right, enter your emotional, spiritual, or heart deep wound to find the gifts it offers. It’s only

Finding the Goldilocks Just Right

The Goldilocks Principle is the concept of JUST RIGHT. Your chakras need to be practiced and exercised, like muscles, to be able to adapt and calibrate themselves into just right, right now. These posts give hints to find the middle between too much and not enough into just right. It’s only fair to share…

Change your Mind to Change Your Life

What you focus on you create. Where intention goes, energy flows.Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. These posts reveal the power of positive thinking, the magic of mindfulness, and the awesomeness of affirmation. It’s only fair to share…

Listen to Your Body When It Whispers

Then, you will never have to hear it scream. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to do something different in your life. Enter a body part, injury, illness, or other ailment in the search box to the right to see what your body might be trying to say.   It’s only fair to share…

Centered in Myself from the Inside Out

Twenty Years of Connection I sat down with Maurice at Mary’s Market over a slice of turtle cheesecake and a gluten sensitive muffin. As we have many times over the twenty years since we dated in college, we caught up on life. The conversation was a splattering of seemingly superficial topics: my travels, his kids,

To Have Loved and Lost

I hold it true, whate’er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; ‘Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson Heal a Broken Heart from the Inside I’ve been to Hawai’I six times in my life. Each time I went, asking Maui to heal my


My Happy Place I have many happy places in the world, and many happy things I do in these happy places. Bathing in a secluded waterfall on Maui is at the top of the list. My Maui brother told me once that Pele, the goddess of Hawai’i puts her inhabitants through a rigorous initiation. He

Our Mission

Listen to your body when it whispers,
and you will never have to hear it scream.

To educate is to pull out from within.

We aim to pull out the innate wisdom that lives inside your muscle memory.

We don’t heal you. We teach you how to heal yourself from the inside out.

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Healing from the Inside Out