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This Breath and Heart for Houston class teaches openness and compassion focused on giving love to Houston after Hurricane Harvey.



Breath is the MOST important aspect of your yoga practice. This practice teaches a specific focused breathing technique. Once you know HOW to breathe, this practice shows you how to use your breath to move your body and guide your every action. When you focus on proper alignment of your chest and shoulders to bring in and process the greatest volume of air, everything becomes smoother, easier, calmer, and more mindful.

Openness & Expansion

This practice teaches alignment of the chest and shoulders through a simple action of holding your elbows and arms like a serving tray. When your chest and shoulders are aligned in ideal posture, your lungs and heart are opened to fullest capacity for breath to extract oxygen and push it through your system. Furthermore, the symbolic action of holding your arms like a serving tray help you to recognize how to serve others while still holding strength and connection to your Self and your internal Source.

Compassion & Empathy

When a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey hits, everyone feels it on many levels. While a tragedy and trauma is always devastating, there is also an amazingly beautiful side effect that comes in the form of overwhelming human compassion and empathy. Those who are not directly recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings and humanity on the planet. As a result deep compassion and empathy ensue. This is an awesome opportunity to access the depth of heart and find ways to open yourself more fully to expand and grow into love.



Students in this practice reported the following benefits from this practice.

  • openness
  • expansion
  • comfort
  • ease
  • strength
  • power
  • grace
  • stability
  • love
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • connectedness



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