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Uddi in yoga class helps you learn the balance between empowering vs enabling. By taking care of yourself first and modeling healthy behavior you empower others to do the same.

Empowering vs Enabling

On the airplane the flight attendants say we should put the mask on ourselves first and then assist others. Yet in life, it is so easy to want to help others before we help ourselves. However, if we really do worry about our own masks first, by the time we finish and look around to see who needs help, we just might find that most everyone else has already fit their own mask for themselves. Perhaps they were able to put the mask on because they saw you model how to do it. Offering someone the opportunity to do something for themselves, to figure it out for themselves, this is empowering.

Enabling is doing for others when they could otherwise do for themselves. They then become dependent. Then you get a rush from helping them, and the two of you together become co-dependent. Codependency runs rampant in unhealthy relationships. When you enable others, they walk away with the feeling that you don’t trust them or believe that they can do things for themselves. This is very dis-empowering for them.

To learn the difference between empowering and enabling is to learn how to model behavior and cheerlead someone to do for themselves.


The uddiyana bandha we hold in yoga practice helps us learn empowerment and let go of enabling. To hold your core is to take care of your own needs first, and model healthy lifestyle behaviors. Then, to hold your core is also to open  your heart and give love and encouragement to those your are wanting to empower.


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