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How today’s eclipse impacts your mind, body and spirit. A scientific and spiritual explanation of the moon blocking the sun.


Eclipse Fever

I’ve been wondering why I am not catching the eclipse fever. I haven’t purchased my own eclipse glasses. I didn’t make my own pinhole viewing box like I did in grade school the last time the eclipse came around. In fact, I kinda wish the eclipse would just come and go, and I could pretend it never happened. Inside my head, I kinda feel like everyone’s hype about the eclipse happening today is a massive virus outbreak that I’m desperately trying to NOT CATCH.


Highly Sensitive People Have Been Feeling the Eclipse for WEEKS

Yesterday as I was journaling about all the people and circumstances I have been holding space for in the last several weeks, it hit me. I’ve been feeling and dealing with the eclipse for WEEKS! Since the beginning of July I have supported two (way too young) individuals through breast cancer surgery, watched a young man die, loved three friends as they hold loved ones in hospice care, aided a close family member in escaping a severely abusive relationship, held the spirits of two young women through court proceedings of sexual assault, and embraced three dear friends as they started the process of dissolving their marriages. This list is not exhaustive, but I am completely exhausted!

In my world, the eclipse has been ushering in a slew of really ugly, sad, uncomfortable, and dark times for those around me. As the spiritual warrior, the wellness teacher, and the heart sister space holder, I’ve been called to task BIG-TIME! All…while my own biggest personal and business challenges have showed their demonic faces to me several times a day.

No wonder I want to curl up and go to sleep and pretend this eclipse isn’t happening anymore!


How the Eclipse Impacts Your Biology

As human beings, we are made up of mostly water. Just like tides of the oceans and seas, the phases of the moon have a dramatic effect on the tides of the waters of our bodies. This is why people go looney (lunar) each full moon. Ask any teacher, ER nurse, or police officer…everything gets more whacky around the full moon, and in a different way, around the new moon. The waters of our bodies (blood and lymphatic fluid specifically) get tugged and pulled by the moon. Our hormones, which are spilled and transported and activated in those waters, go a little (or more than a little) wonky. Hormones control our emotions. Moods and emotions are heightened, changed, shifted, set off balance by the moon. Period.

The eclipse today is like a new moon on steroids. It is having a dramatic shift on the waters of our bodies…and has been pulling at those waters for several weeks as the moon puts itself closer and closer in line with blocking the sun.

On the flip side, the sun is our source of energy.  Every living being needs the sun for fuel. Think about it, a plant can’t grow without sun. When the sun is blocked by the moon (see the image below) our source of energy is interrupted temporarily. It’s not that the energy is gone, more like it is crooked, awkward, upside-down, backwards. If you have been feeling especially lethargic lately, it’s probably from this change in our fuel source.


How the Eclipse Impacts Your Spirit

From a spiritual perspective, the eclipse is a symbolic movement from light, to darkness, and back to light. This is a shift we deal with on a daily and annual basis. It’s part of the cycle of life. We must all face the shadows in order to understand the light. We do so in routine, in rhythm, in the evolution of day to night and equinox to equinox and solstice to solstice. Today’s eclipse, however, hasn’t happened in 38 years. The shift from light to dark to light will only last a couple minutes. This eclipse is showing us the darkness in our lives in fast motion, in sudden and dramatic action. I suspect for those who do go watch it, it will feel as those time is stopping or at least dramatically slowing down.

Most of us don’t like to look into the shadows, the demons, and the dark forces of life. We enjoy watching it as entertainment in movies and television, but we don’t like dealing with darkness in our own lives. This eclipse is bringing our darkness, our shadows, our demons, and the uglinesses front and center, in a way we cannot ignore! Think about it, for a few minutes today, the sun will essentially feel like it is going away. We will see the moon, not as it reflects the light of the sun, but as it blocks our light.

I personally have been looking at these demons and dealing with them for weeks. I don’t need to put my head in their mouths today. I think instead, I just may take a nap.


How to Counter the Effects of the Eclipse

I taught a yoga class yesterday talking of this topic. The poses and practice were designed to help prepare us to step into spiritual warrior status (yes, the emphasis is on warrior poses), and face the darkness of life with strength. At the same time the practice teaches the value of dichotomy (light and dark) in life, and how to embrace dichotomy in your body.

You can find that podcast HERE.


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