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The most vulnerable part of our being is the tender heart. It is also the strongest. This practice accesses your strong tender heart.


In Sanskrit, the word ANAHATA translates loosely to me “that which cannot be broken.” Given that Anahata is the name of the heart chakra, the fact that it cannot be broken is absolutely sacred. While your heart can be stretched thin, it never really breaks (until you die). With each stretch, it only works to seal itself up stronger, and makes itself bigger….if you allow it. Being one of, if not THE stronger muscle in the body, it NEVER rests. It is constantly giving and receiving life. It doesn’t break, although it does sometimes ache. Eventually, it gets stronger and shares life only deeper with its strength.

Giving & Receiving of the Heart & Lungs

Your heart chakra is directly connected to your heart and lungs. These two organ systems of your body that are constantly on a cycle of give out and take in, giving and receiving. The lungs exhale and inhale, taking in and letting go of air, life force. The heart gives and takes blood, pumping that life force through your system. To have a balance of giving and receiving is to have a balance of your heart chakra.

When your arms, hands, elbows, wrists, shoulders, heart and lungs feel strained, it is likely because of an imbalance of giving and receiving in your life.

ANA Bandha

ANA Bandha is the practice of aligning your shoulder blades and collar bones on top of your rib cage in a way that allows the fullest expression of your ribs and lungs. When your ribs and lungs can expand and contract fully on all sides, you can take in and let go equally.

Most fitness teachers teach you to roll your shoulders up down and back, leaving you with a constriction in your shoulder blades, a feeling of being stabbed in the back. It is not the best alignment if done too much. The practice of ANA Bandha is more subtle, more specific. It helps you to establish core strength and keep your heart open in both the front side of your body and your back side.



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