07.05.17 Low Back & Heart – the relationship of safety to openness

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This Low Back & Heart Yoga Practice focuses on alignment of your low back and heart to make you feel safe to be open and vulnerable while protecting two sacred spaces in your body.

Low Back & Safety

The biggest physical body complaint I hear as a yoga teacher is low back and hip pain. When the low back hurts, it is more often than not a sign of feeling unsafe or unstable in your body and in your life. When one feels unsafe, the natural response is closing up.

Heart & Open Vulnerability

Opening your heart isn’t about pushing our your chest. Rather, it is about stabilizing your base so you can lengthen first and then relax into an open space of letting your insides shine. This practice focuses on SAFE and SUPPORTIVE backbends and builds to full opening in half-camel and half-pigeon.


In this practice, you will learn to stabilize your low back by squeezing a yoga block between your thighs. You drop your tailbone enough to elongate your lumbar spine. Then, you will align your shoulders through a cactus/goalpost posture and elbows at your ribs in a tray posture. This positioning teaches your body to drop your shoulder blades flat on your back and tuck them into pockets which then release your low back.



This practice emphasizes the poses of

  • Low Lunge
  • Warrior One
  • Chair Twist
  • Half Camel
  • Half Pigeon


Props Required

  • Two think yoga blocks
  • One yoga mat


Hosting Venue

Inspiring Actions, Hudson WI


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