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This shoulders & low back flow and restore practice teaches you how to stop using small muscles for big work and let them relax.

Shoulders & Low Back Scream

The shoulders and low back muscles tend to scream and tighten because they are being asked to do things that should be done by larger muscle groups such as the legs and bum. Your BUM muscles are the biggest muscles of your body and should be used to do the biggest work. Your leg muscles are a bunch of muscles that work together like a team of horses to stabilize you and move your body forward in life. But when we don’t allow the legs and bum to do their jobs of stabilizing and supporting, the low back and shoulders are called into action to compensate. They get angry.

Posture Helps

When you learn how to align your feet and activate your legs to use your muscles properly, your low back and shoulders can relax. Healthy posture of your feet, knees, thighs and bum can make all the difference for your low back and shoulders.

So many yoga classes will work to stretch your screaming and aching muscles to offer release. And yes, that helps. But if you continue to use those smaller muscles to do the big work, they will keep getting mad and demanding attention.

Flow & Restore

In this practice, you will flow gently for 30 minutes, teaching your body how to posture and align and use muscles properly. Then for the second half of class, you will rest and restore and renew your body through full relaxation on bolsters and blankets.

Props Required

  • One yoga bolster
  • Two think yoga blocks
  • One yoga mat
  • One blanket (optional)


Hosting Venue

Inspiring Actions, Hudson WI


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