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This Independence Day Yoga Podcast teaches you how to access your internal strength, confidence, identity, and independence to know what is right and best for YOU!

Neck & Shoulders & Hips & Low Back

Every single class I ask my students “what body parts are talking to you today?” before I start teaching. Sometimes, the students mention all the heavy hitter target parts: Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Low Back. When this happens, instead of targeting all of them and scattering the class with a bunch of different stretches all over the body, I focus the practice on what lives in them middle, the core. The one thing these heavy screamers all have in common, besides being active whiners, is that they all live along the spine. So, instead of doing a ton of neck stretches, shoulder rotations, deep lunges, and low back pulls, I focus the class on what lives between them, the CORE, and particularly the core spine.

Your TRUE Core – Psoas Muscles

While we know that we need to strengthen the core to support the low back, most fitness experts define that as building the abs and obliques. I argue that the core is already strong, it just needs to be used. Your core is NOT your abs and obliques. Those are your belly muscles that live next to your skin to hold your belly in. Your CORE is the rope like muscles that live deep inside, next to your spine, that support the center core of your body and being. These rope-like muscles connect to your low ribs, your mid and low spine, and deep into your pelvis all the way to your upper thighs. They are the connection between your upper and lower body, and they support your whole center. If your core is supported, your shoulders don’t have to work so hard to stay balanced over your legs. If you core is supported you low back and hips don’t have to work so hard to keep your body stable. If your core is supported, all your muscles can do their own jobs working from the inside out to support rather than the outside in.

It is much easier to hold heavy objects closer to your body that away from you. Same thing applies for your body. Your limbs should be supported FIRST by your core, and then by the external muscles closer to your skin.


In this practice, you will connect with the core of your being, learn how to activate the UPWARD LIFT of your UDDI and to turn on your internal strength, stability, confidence, identity and independence INSTANTLY.


Props Required

  • One yoga bolster
  • Two think yoga blocks
  • One yoga mat
  • One blanket (optional)


Hosting Venue

Inspiring Actions, Hudson WI


When I started podcasting in 2008, I was among a small community of yoga podcasters. Over the years, most of my peers started charging for their podcast practices, or advertising on their podcasts. I have never charged for my podcasts, and I am committed to keeping my website and podcast ad-free. If you find value in these podcasts, please consider donating.

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