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Sometimes When We’re Stuck, It’s Because of Something Inside Ourselves

This Calle Lily wants to bloom, but caught itself on its own leaf. This is how I feel sometimes when I realize what’s been keeping me stuck, it’s usually something in myself that I can’t see beyond. I took a moment, and it only took a moment, to release this calle lily from the grip of its own leaf. In this calle lily’s case, it needed someone else to release its bloom.

Sometimes we need someone to shift our perspective.

Yesterday, in working with a client, she brought up two very big emotional challenges she has been grappling with in her mind for the last several weeks. After listening to her tell her story, I gave her a slightly different perspective on her situations, and just like that, her mind was able to release itself from its own whirling and twirling.

This morning, thoughts in my own head spun me into weirdness. This challenge comes back to haunt me on a regular basis. Whenever it does, the rest of my world doesn’t quite work right. For example, after talking about this issue for quite some time last night, I woke up this morning and experienced not one, not two, but THREE major scheduling glitches in my morning. Count ‘em. THREE!. Those glitches pretty much consumed my morning. I whirled and twirled, unable to get things done. And they had absolutely NOTHING to do with what was bothering me last night.

A Change in Perspective Changes Everything

Then, this morning, I texted my friend Julie Kiddoo. She sometimes struggles with the same mental monsters that have been scratching the insides of my skull for the last several days. She reminded me what I always say to her…everything is ALWAYS okay.

And then, I looked back at the callelily that I released from its own leaf yesterday, and it was open and happy in the sunshine today.


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