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The Moment Between Sleep and Awake

That moment, right before you’re fully awake when you realize your dream is a dream, and you remember all the details of what just happened… It’s the moment of truth, honest purity, deep reality. When you wake up, you want to dive back in, live out the last pieces that hadn’t quite finished, but the moment you open your eyes, specifics begin to fade, evaporate, dissolve, and distort. By the time you move your first muscle, if even just a flutter of your eyelids, the tangible pieces are long gone in the junkyard dump of your mind. Once your feet hit the floor, all is crumbled and stomped into the dust that lives underneath your floorboards.

Yeah, that moment between sleep and awake, the moment you want to chase your dream down and capture all its essence in your conscious and practical mind, that moment of dream chasing ain’t for sissies.


Potential and Possibility

I’m not just talking about the dreams you have while sleeping. Those dreams are easy to let go, to release like helium balloons into the wind, or to drop like leaves into the stream. I am talking about that moment between your life dreams and your life reality. That moment where you can taste the flavor of your ideas, you can smell the sweet fragrance they will exude into your world, you can hear the musical rhythms under your skin…that moment where your ideas and your memories blend into a reality that lives in the world of POTENTIAL. That moment where you know POSSIBILITY and can feel it in your bones, but it has not yet manifested outside your skin. Dream Chasing ain’t for sissies.

I am a writer.

I’ve been living in that between space, chasing a dream since I was eight years old. Over 35 years ago, I found my mother’s manual typewriter in the basement. Punching the keys and watching letters become words and words become phrases and phrases become sentences and sentences became stories and stories somehow magically pulled emotions out of the readers. Sometimes laughter. Sometimes tears. Sometimes boredom. Sometimes passion. Every single day since that first day I composed a poem on my mother’s old typewriter when I was eight years old, I have lived in that in-between dream-chasing space. I know the power of my words, the pull the emotions out of me with every punch of a key, even the f key that required a harder punch because it often got stuck. I can taste the flavor of impact and smell the fragrance of purpose and feel the texture of success, underneath my skin.

My words matter.

I know that when someone reads my words, hears my composition, they FEEL. Therefore, I am a success.

And yet, I live in that world between worlds, where my dreams spit out of me onto the page, and I even put the page out into the world. But more often than not, that page flies away on the wind like a receipt whisked out of the bag by a gust. Maybe someone tries to catch it, so as not to litter, not realizing the magic that lives in the words.

I want my words to be read, to be felt, to make an impact on others as they do on me. Like every creator and business-person, I want my ideas to go viral. Except I hate that word, viral. It is comes laced with connotations of infection, disease and dysfunction.


The Gift Inside the Wound

I’ve been on blogging hiatus for a few months because I’ve been working on my next book, The Gift Inside the Wound. I’ve published three books since my divorce in 2013. That’s almost a book every year. But this one, it’s special, it’s taking extra long because it’s extra dear. It’s my memoir, my story, my healing process from the most damaging wounds and curses of my life. The wound has healed. I ripped the bandage off long ago, but I’ve kept the scars hidden. I’ve been living in that in-between state for the last several months. The book is written, and I’m not revising, re-writing, re-living, and respecting every phrase, spit-shining it for your consumption. Massaging the scar, trying to find the right ways to make it pretty for you.

But this book isn’t all pretty. At the same time, it won’t be laced with infection either. Rather, it is infused with inspiration. The best work I’ve ever produced. For those of you who know me, you know I put my heart into everything I do and that everything I produce is of quality. For this book, I ripped my heart out of my chest and squeezed it dry, and let it fill back up again so I can wring every last bit of passion and purpose from it’s seams for you.

This dream-space in between the place of creating the book and publishing it…this space ain’t for sissies. Dream Chasing takes courage, and confidence, and conviction, and consistency, to conquer…to take those fluid and amorphous and flexible dreams and form them into REAL.

But if Pinnochio and the Velveteen Rabbit can do it, so can I, and so can you!


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