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Chakra Certification

Learn to read chakras, diagnose imbalances, and prescribe healing practices in simple and practical applications.

Course Description

Just Right Balance is the basis of The Goldilocks Principle and can be applied to the chakras and auras in simple terms even Baby Bear would understand.

The energetic chakra and aura system of the body is often taught in esoteric and mystical terms, using Sanskrit language and Hindu theology that is way beyond the grasp of even the most energetically aware clients and students. While we may understand energy, we understand best what we can TEACH on the most basic of levels.

This certification program teaches the chakras and auras through practical terms of grade school science, pop culture, and average everyday life case studies. By nixing all the esoteric and mystical terminology, we will develop a simple and relatable chakra language you can use with your clients and convince even non-energy believers to work towards JUST RIGHT balance in their lives.

As holistic wellness providers, you can expand your client base and enhance the service you provide by becoming a CERTIFIED CHAKRA SPECIALIST through TeriLeigh Wellness Education Center.

As individuals interested in the energetics of the human body, bringing your awareness to a simple and practical level, applying it to anatomy & physiology and general biology is the perfect way to connect your body, mind, and spirit.

What You Will Learn

  • DEFINE & IDENTIFY each chakra in terms of: general purpose, development stage, body part correlations, natural element, and Sanskrit translation.
  • READ the chakras: body posture and mechanics, body language, lifestyle choices, career, hobbies, life circumstances, childhood development, and more.
  • DIAGNOSE chakra imbalances of excessiveness, deficiency, extreme behavior and dominance based on: illness, injury, life changes and challenges, childhood development, personal habits and tendencies.
  • PRESCRIBE chakra balancing through: body posture, mindfulness, positive affirmation, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Yoga Practitioners and Instructors.
  • Massage Clients and Therapists.
  • Acupuncture Patients and Practitioners.
  • Energy Enthusiasts and Healers.
  • Reiki Client, Practitioners and Masters.
  • Spiritual Students and Teachers.
  • Meditation Practitioners and Teachers.
  • Intuitives and Psychics.


Friday Evening – 2 hours
Finding Just Right, a Simple Scientific Approach to the Chakras

Saturday – 5 hours
Root, Sacral, Core Chakras

Sunda – 5 hours
Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Case Studies

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